Don’t Forget About Your EMAIL List.

I’m not going to get all blow-hardy in this one.  I just wanted to remind you that EMAIL is still the king of online communication.  Well, maybe “communication” is too broad of a word, but a study by eMarketer shows that it is still the king of content sharing and conversion.

Check this out.

Look at that.  Email still blows the rest of them out of the water.

What does that mean? It means you need to dust off your mailing list and start taking it seriously again.  It means you need to work on your headline writing so you can actually get a good open rate (between 20%-30%).  It means you need to have a good delivery system so you can get creative with the design and insertion of content.

Anyways – I said I’d keep it short, so here’s what you do.

1.  Get a good email management system.  One that can keep track of and sort email addresses by city, state, name, gender, etc.  Also one that makes it easy to create nice looking newsletters.

2.  Focus on getting people to sign up and make it easy for them. DO NOT BE PUSHY ABOUT IT.  Just make sure it is available to them.  It also helps to have someone walk around the club during your performance politely asking attendees to sign up.  If you have a sign up widget at your site, DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE JUMP THROUGH TOO MANY HOOPS TO SIGN UP.  Email should be the only “required” piece of info.  Make the rest of the socio/demographic info optional.

3.  Back up your list. Export your list to a disc, jump drive, or whatever.  Just make sure you have a copy in case the interwebz decides to go up in flames one day.  Ok, I guess you wouldn’t need email then, but you know what I mean.  If your Fanbridge account goes ka-blewey and you have 3,000 emails stored only there, you’re screwed.

4.  Write Better Headlines.  You’ll be working on this for the rest of your life, but the point is that you realize the fact that you need to work on it.  Any old shouting email headline won’t work.  We’ll go deeper into that later, but for now check out this Copyblogger post on How to Write Headlines that Work.  While you’re at it – sign up to receive update for their blog.

5.  Size, or uh Length Matters. Most say length of the email matters in that if it’s too long, people get bored.  I partially agree with this.  I say a long email is okay from time to time so long as you tell a nice story and the content is relevant.  That said – you can’t overload people with content or they’ll just get paralyzed by it and shut down.  So just play it safe and keep it short and sweet.  And remember – YOU ONLY GET THE FIRST TWO SENTENCES TO GRAB THEIR ATTENTION AND KEEP THEMSo say what you mean and get to the point early.

6.  Use Sparingly. Send your email blasts no more than 2 times a month.  One of them should be a market specific email based around the city you are playing in that month and the other should be an overall “Update” with some added value stuff in it like new photos, videos, free music, etc.  Experiment with this though.  I would use it more frequently around big events like our festival or a cd release.  Again though – every email had an angle.  I didn’t just send emails to say “C’mon!  Come to the Show!” People HATE that sh*t.

Anyways – those are some of the basics.  Just use the Golden Rule when delivering email, make it easy for people, add value to the relationship, and you’ll be ok.

Shoot me an email if you have questions and want to go further:


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