Bands Should Review Other Bands Like Authors Review Authors…

Sort of a clumsy headline, but think about that. Authors LOVE to get their name and quote on the back of a new title.

Why don’t more bands do this?

Think for a second if you got 10 of the best bands in the state to review your album for their fans. And not only a review – but take a page out of the Seth Godin Linchpin promotional campaign and do video reviews/interviews with other bands and artists.

Think about all the direct access to thousands of real music lovers you would have in a matter of days.

There are studies abound that prove the worth of an initiative like this.  A recent one by Edelman, says that trust in referrals from “friends” is down to 25% from 45%Meaning – people are starting to get back to trusting the experts.

Who are the music experts?  YOU.  The people who play and write the music.

Whether you know it or not, people look to you for your taste in music.  So join up with a group of bands and review/suggest each other’s records to your respective fans.

Here are some easy things you could try when you come across a local group or record you like:

1.  Ask to get together with them for a video interview.  Do a local version of an “Artist on Artist” show.  Upload it to Youtube and distribute via your social sites to your respective fan bases – be sure to plug your band and site in case the vid takes off and goes viral.

2.  Do a Q&A type interview for your band blog.  You’ve seen them in the local e-zines before.

3.  Start a Local Scene Podcast.  Upload it to iTunes, etc.  Also – media outlets have already started looking to the everyman content producer for show content.  It isn’t out of the question for a local radio station to pick up on your podcast and schedule it to run every day or week.

4.  Record a quick video of you talking about the band’s record.  It is kind of imperative that you don’t pull a “reverse spam” technique and just start plugging every record in town just to get your name out there.  And remember – this should be a “suggestion” to your fanbase more than a record review.  You are telling your “fans” about a great new local band that you like.

5.  Play shows with the bands you plug. This is really powerful, I’m serious.  I have seen and been a part of some HUGE local shows where bands have TRULY pooled their fanbases.  And by “truly” I mean that all the fans were genuine fans of each band.  All the fans stuck around for the duration of the show.

Listen.  You know all those cool shows you saw growing up?  All the shows highlighting artists and bands in the light you wanted to see them in?  Everything from performance to backstage interviews, etc.?

You have the power to do that yourself now.

We are the broadcasters of the world now.  We are the radios.  We are the televisions.  It used to be decided for us by mass media outlets who was good and who was worth listening to.  NOT ANYMORE.

Now YOU decide.

With the click of a button you can send off a video interview that could possibly be seen by thousands and result in albums sold for your buddy, bringing you one step closer to a tighter more relevant scene.

Think of it like this:  Through Twitter, Ashton Kutcher can directly send news to more people than CNN.

Take advantage of that, please?

p.s.  The video “Linchpin” link above is from David Meerman Scott’s Web Ink Now site.  I’ll talk more about this in another post – but start following some of the new marketing experts.  They will give you a ton of ideas.  Scott, in particular has massive amounts of free material.


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One Comment on “Bands Should Review Other Bands Like Authors Review Authors…”

  1. Keith Mohr Says:

    Great info Dave, really like what you shared and will share this with my tribe over on
    Thanks again!

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