Content Quality Doesn’t Matter, Worry About the Context

My brother stuck in perfection paralysis

Ok – yea quality does matter some, but here is what I mean:

Don’t spend all day and night trying to get that video of you guys in the studio looking like it was put together by James Cameron.

Just record the damn thing, edit accordingly, and get it up on your site.

And I’m not just talking about with videos.  Same goes with blogs and yes, even your music.  Bruce Springsteen recorded one of the most heart wrenching albums of all time on a four track recorder (Nebraska).  By all accounts, the quality of the record is horrible, but the songs are placed in the right context – so you don’t really pay attention to the quality.


That is part of what is so beautiful about working hard to build this totally indie career.  Because you are constantly adding value to the relationship with your fans, you start to build this amazing amount of trust with them.  They start to genuinely care about you as a person.  So in the end, they only really care about your story.

That said, I’m not saying you should forget about producing great looking and sounding stuff.  I’m just trying to push you past getting stuck in perfection paralysis.

You know those guys that are still working on their record almost 3 years later?  Perfection Paralysis.

Or how about when your lead singer is on his 10th vocal take?  Perfection Paralysis.

I promise you, that 10th vocal take isn’t going to be better than the 2nd.  That extra hour you spend editing video isn’t going to cause your video to go viral.

If you are satisfied with the story the content tells, get the stuff out there and let it breath.

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4 Comments on “Content Quality Doesn’t Matter, Worry About the Context”

  1. Keith Mohr Says:

    Good advice Dave, but I teach indies to work on their content. Bad content pushes people away, and you only have one shot at them. It would be like my daughter trying to sell cupcakes she makes in her Easy Bake Oven. People may think she’s cute, with her cupcake stand out in from of our house, but one bite of the cake and her customers will smile politely at her, drive off, and never return, and worse yet, won’t tell anyone about her cupcakes.. or even worse, will tell their friends to stay away from her stand because her cupcakes stink.

    I agree it is about the story, but you better have darn good content to go along with whatever story you have made up:)

    • Oh no, I’m with ya Keith. 100%. The story is also content in and of itself. So if the story is good…you instantly have good content.

      Relating to cupcakes though – “the story” is much like “the ingredients” to me.

      In the example of your daughter, no matter what her marketing material is, what her stand looks like, if the cupcakes taste good…people are going to tell their friends.

      Same with content in the right context. If “the story” (a.k.a “ingredients”) are good – that is more important than a great looking stand with crappy cupcakes.

      Am I losing you yet? 🙂

      But let me be clear though – I’m definitely not saying to ignore content quality and throw crappy looking stuff around. I’m just saying not to get TOO caught up in it where it takes you to a standstill and you never move forward.

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