Artists: STOP Social Media Shouting

I was browsing my blog drafts and I stumbled upon the title above.  In the body of the draft, I had only typed this below:

(talk about one way un-engaging bands that only promote themselves)

What did I mean by that?  A couple of different things actually – Here is part one (notice the ALL CAPS):



Other variations include:  Come to our show, etc.

Whether or not you believe in promoting community, you shouldn’t be doing this.  It sucks and people hate it.  And it WILL NEVER sway ANYONE to check out your music.

Part two has more to deal with the bands that only “broadcast” on these mediums.

Yep – I’m talking about the band that links up their twitter to their facebook and never checks their twitter to respond or engage with people.

I’m talking about the groups that only post things on Facebook/Twitter about THEIR band about THEIR shows.

Throw rocks at me if you want – but the guys and gals doing this aren’t even getting the half of what these mediums are about.

To the experts that may read this, I know I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here.  I’m not trying to blow anyone’s mind with this post.  But this has to be brought up repeatedly.  STOP SHOUTING AND STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF.

I’m sure by now you have heard the old cocktail party analogy?  It’s kind of beat up and played out, but it is so true.  Would you go to your friends house and talk about your band all night?  Of course not, even your friends would tell you to shut up after awhile.

So don’t do it in Social Media circles either.

For every one post/tweet you send out about yourself – you should be posting at least two things about someone else. And in my opinion it should be more.

You should be taking the time to comment on things other people have posted.

The golden rule is that you should lift others up around you and by doing so they will lift you up with them.

You need to take time to engage with people more.  Retweet their stuff on twitter.  Share their stuff on facebook.  Suggest local music, local shows, etc.

Guess what will happen when you start doing this?  Your followers and fans will grow.  They will see you as someone who wants to be part of the day to day conversation.  They will be more apt to spread your message.

Plus, if you are still totally into what you will directly get out of this, think about it like this:  when you “share” something on facebook it shows up in the news feed giving people an opportunity to see you and fan you.  When you @-link someone in your status update, it shows up on their page – again, giving their crowd a chance to see you and fan you.

CAUTION:  Do Not Abuse the @ Link thing.  Too much of it CAN be annoying to people and appear “fake” just like spam.

We have come a long way in a short time with these social communities which means the way we interpret communication while we are using them has come a long way.  Conversation on these mediums mirrors real day to day conversation more than it ever has.

Here is what it boils down to for me:  Facebook and Twitter are communication tools.  Just like a telephone, email, video chat, etc.  The reason some people struggle in these mediums is that they treat them like promotional tools.

No one wants to be promoted to anymore.  As an audience we have too many choices.  We are jaded to shallow tactics and see right through them.

Just talk to people.  Promote them, be helpful, shut up and listen every once in awhile.  Then, start throwing your stuff in from time to time.

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