Light the Path for Others: An Experiment in Being Genuinely Helpful

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I want you to run a little experiment, so I’m keeping this post short.

To start, pick one of these things.  Then do it:

1.  Use and share your contacts to help a friend or neighboring band secure a show out of town or at a venue they are having trouble getting into.

2.  Promote another band’s record or upcoming show on your social media sites, mailing list, or website – and link to it for people to check it out.

3.  Donate money from one of your shows to a local cause or struggling high school music program.

Repeat over the next few weeks.  Be genuine about it.  Expect NOTHING in return.

Watch what happens 😉  It’ll kind of blow you away.

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2 Comments on “Light the Path for Others: An Experiment in Being Genuinely Helpful”

  1. Jeremy Mix Says:

    here’s why you won’t take david’s advice…

    it goes against very human nature to do anything expecting nothing in return…especially for another human.

    so I raise you all one…
    Before you attempt 1, 2, or 3 and end up failing miserably because you can sustain the charade….don’t

    …until you search and find a motive that isn’t self-seeking (this includes feeling good about yourself!)

  2. Wow…well put Jeremy. It really does start there. The “expecting nothing in return” part really is a bit of an anomaly and the large majority of the struggle I think. Even though I find myself working to lift others up around me, I still find myself expecting people to reciprocate.

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